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曲名グループ名H.M Original
Two Late Now newVo藤村りょうこ & Pf宮下博行 DUO(リハ)
Bye Bye Blackbird newVo 荒畑佐千子 & Pf 宮下博行 DUO
O Fim do Verao (Song of J Like)Vo藤村りょうこ with Trio#3
The Best Song to You (Love will Stay) Solo Version宮下博行(solo)
宮下博行/東京トリオLIVE at Sunny Side
Tokyo Trio + Vib:赤松敏弘
By InnoccenceSpecial Trio
Brown SketchSpecial Trio
DecidedSpecial Trio
Please Called By HeavenSpecial Trio
Days of Wine & RosesTokyo Trio
Close Enough To YouTokyo Trio
Passing DaysTokyo Trio
Wing 18Special Trio
Not For RainSpecial Trio
SmileSpecial Trio
Iced CoffeeTrio#3
Sixth SenceTrio#3
Speak in The AbstructTrio#3
The Answer is LoveTrio#3
Close Enough to youTrio#3
Between ThereTrio#3
StillTokyo Trio
TanTanTokyo Trio
Silent TextureTokyo Trio
Mystic EncounterTokyo Trio
Looking For The StarsTokyo Trio
KTCTokyo Trio
When You are SleepingVib:赤松敏弘
Mail at onceVib:赤松敏弘
Look Up The Night SkyVib:赤松敏弘
On Green Dolpiin StreetVib:赤松敏弘
Everybody s SunProject2.5
New York PointProject2.5
Therer will Never Be Another YouProject2.5 + tp) 山田友和
Changing DarknessTrio#3
Open The 5th.DoorTrio#3
Pritty Little OneTrio#3
This Moment for CheeseTrio#3
I Know How You FeelTrio#3
It’s BlueTrio#3
Like You, Like MeTrio#3
On Green Dolphin Street( H.M.)Trio#3
When You're Sleeping (静止画)Lorna Ciefra With H.Nose&H.Mitashita
Gentle SmileTrio#3
I Love YouTrio#3
Little AdultTrio#3
All The Things You Are村山 義光(G)&H.M.Duo
It Could Happen To You村山 義光(G)&H.M.Duo
Horizon SuiteTokyo Trio
More SuchTokyo Trio
The Way of SuggestionTokyo Trio
Just Friends( H.M.)Project2
Kindness of Your HeartProject2
Second ChoiceProject2
Without FailProject2
Just Friends ( H.M.)Project2
Wing 18Project2
Blues~Sonny Moon for TwoH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Fly Me to The MoonH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Gettin'Up (1988)Electric Band”Muse”
My Funny ValentineH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Our Spanish Love SongH.M.& H.Nose Duo
You're Charming Doll (1989)Electric Band”Muse”
Horizon Suite Solo
Kindness of Your HeartSolo
Love Will Stay正木 麻衣子& H.M. Duo
AirspaceSpecial Trio
As Floating On WaterSpecial Trio
At One-MentSpecial Trio
Look Up The Night SkySpecial Trio
The Way of SuggestionSpecial Trio
Feeling LandscapeTrio#3
Girl from Ipanema( H.M.)Trio#3
Mail at OnceTrio#3
Meeting ThreeTrio#3
Everytime we say good-byeVo 荒畑佐千子
Bye bye Black BirdVo 荒畑佐千子
Autumn LeavesVo 北荘 桂子
Danny BoyVo 北荘 桂子
上を向いて歩こうVo 北荘 桂子
Love Will Stay (The Best Song to you)Vo宇根崎 緑 with  Project2
Fly Me to The MoonVo三田裕子、Vln Reiko
Afterdark FantasySpecial Trio
AirspaceSpecial Trio
Twelve MoreSpecial Trio
I Wish You Love( H.M.)Project2
Peace of MindProject2
All the Things You AreVO Unit a.i.
BluesetteVO Unit a.i.
But BeautifulVO Unit a.i.
Embraceable You( H.M.)VO Unit a.i.
I Left My Heart in San Francisco( H.M.)VO Unit a.i.
Beautiful LoveH.M.& H.Nose Duo
EstateH.M.& H.Nose Duo
My Wild Irish RoseH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Summer NightH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Close to YouVO 中川 さつき
Cool BreezeTrio#3
When You're SleepingTrio#3
Your Call Stop MeTrio#3
ふしぎVO 福田 方子
All The Things You Are”April fool ”Special Live
Feel Like Makin’Love”April fool ”Special Live
I Falling Love too Easily”April fool ”Special Live
It’s a Sin To Tell a Lie”April fool ”Special Live
Sweet Georgia BrownVO 中川 さつき
Afterdark FantasySolo
Simple Minor WaltzSolo
Night & Day~Dunny BoyVO 中川 さつき
Alone ToghterVO ロアーナシーフラ
Lover ManVO ロアーナシーフラ
Speak in TheAbstructTrio#3
Lullabye for KanakoProject2
Six ScenseTokyo Trio
Blue SkiesVO 森川 奈菜美
The Christmas SongVO 中崎あきこ
Loyal FollowersProject2
With a Flow Of TimeProject2
Looking For The StarsMNT with Friends
High School Days (1993録音)VO Yuko Arr.H.M.
Lagoon Marmaid (1993録音)VO Yuko Arr.H.M.
月のふね (1993録音)VO Yuko Arr.H.M.
Light (2012録音)VO Yuko Arr.H.M.