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曲名グループ名H.M Original
By Innoccence newSpecial Trio
Brown Sketch newSpecial Trio
Decided newSpecial Trio
Please Called By Heaven newSpecial Trio
Days of Wine & RosesTokyo Trio
Close Enough To YouTokyo Trio
Passing DaysTokyo Trio
Wing 18Special Trio
Not For RainSpecial Trio
SmileSpecial Trio
Iced CoffeeTrio#3
Sixth SenceTrio#3
Speak in The AbstructTrio#3
The Answer is LoveTrio#3
Close Enough to youTrio#3
Between ThereTrio#3
StillTokyo Trio
TanTanTokyo Trio
Silent TextureTokyo Trio
Mystic EncounterTokyo Trio
Looking For The StarsTokyo Trio
KTCTokyo Trio
When You are SleepingVib:赤松敏弘
Mail at onceVib:赤松敏弘
Look Up The Night SkyVib:赤松敏弘
On Green Dolpiin StreetVib:赤松敏弘
Everybody s SunProject2.5
New York PointProject2.5
Therer will Never Be Another YouProject2.5 + tp) 山田友和
Changing DarknessTrio#3
Open The 5th.DoorTrio#3
Pritty Little OneTrio#3
This Moment for CheeseTrio#3
I Know How You FeelTrio#3
It’s BlueTrio#3
Like You, Like MeTrio#3
On Green Dolphin Street( H.M.)Trio#3
When You're Sleeping (静止画)Lorna Ciefra With H.Nose&H.Mitashita
Gentle SmileTrio#3
I Love YouTrio#3
Little AdultTrio#3
All The Things You Are村山 義光(G)&H.M.Duo
It Could Happen To You村山 義光(G)&H.M.Duo
Horizon SuiteTokyo Trio
More SuchTokyo Trio
The Way of SuggestionTokyo Trio
Just Friends( H.M.)Project2
Kindness of Your HeartProject2
Second ChoiceProject2
Without FailProject2
Just Friends ( H.M.)Project2
Wing 18Project2
Blues~Sonny Moon for TwoH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Fly Me to The MoonH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Gettin'Up (1988)Electric Band”Muse”
My Funny ValentineH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Our Spanish Love SongH.M.& H.Nose Duo
You're Charming Doll (1989)Electric Band”Muse”
Horizon Suite Solo
Kindness of Your HeartSolo
Love Will Stay正木 麻衣子& H.M. Duo
AirspaceSpecial Trio
As Floating On WaterSpecial Trio
At One-MentSpecial Trio
Look Up The Night SkySpecial Trio
The Way of SuggestionSpecial Trio
Feeling LandscapeTrio#3
Girl from Ipanema( H.M.)Trio#3
Mail at OnceTrio#3
Meeting ThreeTrio#3
Autumn LeavesVo 北荘 桂子
Danny BoyVo 北荘 桂子
上を向いて歩こうVo 北荘 桂子
Love Will Stay (The Best Song to you)Vo宇根崎 緑 with  Project2
Fly Me to The MoonVo三田裕子、Vln Reiko
Afterdark FantasySpecial Trio
AirspaceSpecial Trio
Twelve MoreSpecial Trio
I Wish You Love( H.M.)Project2
Peace of MindProject2
All the Things You AreVO Unit a.i.
BluesetteVO Unit a.i.
But BeautifulVO Unit a.i.
Embraceable You( H.M.)VO Unit a.i.
I Left My Heart in San Francisco( H.M.)VO Unit a.i.
Beautiful LoveH.M.& H.Nose Duo
EstateH.M.& H.Nose Duo
My Wild Irish RoseH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Summer NightH.M.& H.Nose Duo
Close to YouVO 中川 さつき
Cool BreezeTrio#3
When You're SleepingTrio#3
Your Call Stop MeTrio#3
ふしぎVO 福田 方子
All The Things You Are”April fool ”Special Live
Feel Like Makin’Love”April fool ”Special Live
I Falling Love too Easily”April fool ”Special Live
It’s a Sin To Tell a Lie”April fool ”Special Live
Sweet Georgia BrownVO 中川 さつき
AirspaceSpecial Trio
As Floting On WaterSpecial Trio
Iced CofeeSpecial Trio
Lullabye for KanakoSpecial Trio
Lullabye of Birdland( H.M.)Special Trio
More HumanSpecial Trio
Runnning with The WindSpecial Trio
SecracySpecial Trio
Tan TanSpecial Trio
The Best Song to YouSpecial Trio
With a Light HeartSpecial Trio
Afterdark FantasySolo
Simple Minor WaltzSolo
Night & Day~Dunny BoyVO 中川 さつき
Alone ToghterVO ロアーナシーフラ
Lover ManVO ロアーナシーフラ
Speak in TheAbstructTrio#3
Lullabye for KanakoProject2
Six ScenseTokyo Trio
Blue SkiesVO 森川 奈菜美
The Christmas SongVO 中崎あきこ
Loyal FollowersProject2
With a Flow Of TimeProject2
Looking For The StarsMNT with Friends
High School Days (1993録音)VO Yuko Arr.H.M.
Lagoon Marmaid (1993録音)VO Yuko Arr.H.M.
月のふね (1993録音)VO Yuko Arr.H.M.
Light (2012録音)VO Yuko Arr.H.M.